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Suggestions for a Book on Circuit Design

I have a fairly strong background in code development, but I would like to build a stronger knowledge in curcuit design. I can read a datasheet and learn how to hook up a certain component, but when it comes to using a specific component for a use other than it is designed for I lack the knowledge to know when to use a capacitor, flyback diodes, etc.

Help with IR Sensor LED020 (UPDATED)

Attached are photos of my circuit on a breadboard.



I posted a video. Ignore the TV in the background. When the universal remote sends a signal it is decoded by the PICAXE (not done manually I found a setting that the sensor can read and decode itself). A LED flashes to show a signal was read. It then shows the number of the code that was sent in the debug window. In a few days I will delete this post and add a turorial. Then its off to making my robot WOOHOO.

Google Maps scares me!

So I put my city, state, and country into my profile so my square would show where I live. I purposely left my address blank. Google shows my square about 2 blocks from my real address without be giving them my address! Big brother is watching! RUN! AHHHHHHH




What is Needed for a Circuit to Recharge Batteries

Has anyone made a circuit that recharges batteries without having to take them out of your bot and put them in a charger? I would like to be able to plug my bot into an ac/dc adapter and charge it without having to remove the batteries.

I am assuming you have to use caps to keep voltage in check as well as determine when the batteries are fully charged to keep them from being damaged.

Also I'm not sure what I don't know ;) Anyone have any suggestions or experiences with this?

AHA Moment

Ok so I finally had an AHA moment about why my servos "weren't working". My servos would just jerk and not do much. I tried my perf board that I wired up for my manual transmission robot. I tried a 28x1 project board with the same result. Well tonight I finally figured it out.

It was code. (prepare to laugh) Between servo commands I was using sleep 100. I was assuming this was 100 milliseconds. It is actually something like 200 seconds. I changed them to wait 1 (which is wit one second) and they now work. 

Plastic Soda Caps. Appx. 4000

4,000 plastic soda caps?

Other Websites


Have you given permission for any other website to use your images and writeups for your robots? I posted on one instructables forum that if anyone had questions to come here since the builder and fellow robot builders can answer their questions. I'm assuming thats ok... what I wanted to know is if the website had permission to post your stuff?

In the meantime I am going to watermark all my images with my username and the LMR website to ensure we all get proper credit. I need to play with my movie editor as well to ensure I get the same watermarks in place.