Let's Make Robots!
Ok so don't ask how I inherited almost 4,000 2 liter (or 20 ounce) soda bottle caps... Anyway my plan is to make a robot that walks around and randomly shoots caps … Read more
Price: $9 USD
Pack of 25 rack gears. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Rapid will ship outside of the UK and I really need some rack gears for the cap launcher. They allow a … Read more

Possible Contest?


Monkeys controlling robotic arms. First person to make a robot that can be controlled by the mind, wins a monkey!

He is working as well as he could be. Still some minor bugs. If I hold him he doesn't stop until he gets close to something. On the ground he only moves a few … Read more
This walkthrough is meant for someone who has never used a breadboard before. When complete you should be able to make a basic circuit (light an LED). List of … Read more

Programming Help (PICAXE 28)

Below is the code I am trying. I stole it from a book. I figured it was an easy one to start with, but I have a few questions. Can someone explain what TRISB and PORTB are? Also what exactly does POKE do? It looks like it is creating variables LED (at port 0), TRISB and PORTB. When I run the simulator on the code it gives a syntax error on Symbol PORTB = $06 and says Poking at this address is not recommended (POKE TRISB, 0). Can anyone help me understand what this is doing prior to the AGAIN: tag (I put the lines in bold)?

My First Circuit

As you can see God spoke and there was LIGHT!

I'm trying to get the circuit thing down. I can code all day long but this electronic stuff is tricky...

Once I get it down pat I'll post some walkthoughs so other people like me who lack the electronics background can get stuff going easier. I won't post all my minor successes, but I did do a jig when the little light went on. My Picaxe stuff shipped today so I won't post more until I have motors and wheels moving ;)

The journey of a thousand robots begins with a single LED.

Is it here yet?

It's been 5 minutes where is my stuff?

  1. Picaxe 28 starter pack USB
  2. motor driver
  3. picaxe servo upgrade pack
  4. SRF05 range finder
  5. gear motors with wheels
  6. 5v regulator
  7. a few red leds
  8. 330 and 1000ohm resistors

Its goign to be a LONG couple of weeks since some of it is coming from the UK. I hope to have something built in a month or so. I want to start off small so its blinking lights for my first few projects. I won't even touch the motors until I know what I am doing.

Getting Started

I want to get started, but I need help putting a decent started pack together. I know I need a board, download cable, etc, but what other toys should I start with?

 I want to be able to start off small: get a light to blink. Then move to getting several lights to blink in order or random order. Then I want to move onto attaching a motor and getting it to spin. Eventually I want to build a robot that will do all of my work, but baby steps right?