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Audio to LEDs Graph

Can someone simplify this code? all it does it take in an analog signal from 90 and convert them to leds to pins 2-13

Getting data from gps module GTPA010

I bought  a gps unit i've never thought of trying out and this morning i wanted to get my geolocation!

I got my GPS from here MicroGPS Module

Bellow is a diagram of the gps unit and its pinouts for the with arduino and probably mbed too








Arduino 3D Sonar Map

Anyone created a visual 3d sonar map for the arduino yet? to get an image of a sonars surroundings and portray them in a 3d environment? i'm very interested!


Something like this

RFID Module Assistance Needed

Okay i have this rfid module which has a serial UART interface
Its been a pain in the backside for three days now and i'm getting really fraustrated so it's time to call in the LMR professionals!
My problem consists of two, maybe more issues which i'm having a hard time with and im sure you would to if you was a noob with rfid modules so here is my problem
Here is the module http://www.elechouse.com/elechouse/images/product/13.56MHZ_RFID_Module/13.56MHZ_RFID_Manual.pdf
I'm trying to figure out how to write properly to the card

Here is some code i wrote:

£150 - For device creation & (device submition)

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Turning the "LinkM I2C" Device into a standalone USB HID controller

I know it can be done as this device holds an atmega chip! which can have a bootloader burned to it!

Please help me out with your experienced knowledge!


This is the device, very nifty board in it too with breakout headders for avr programming too!

Arduino Mega 2560 (USB HID Keyboard)

I'm trying to understand how to turn my Arduino into a programable HID Keyboard device
I have an avr pocket programmer (Dunno how to use it yet) idk if this will be of any use to my project

Having problem with basic code :(

Basic code bellow (PROBLEM): As soon as it writes to the chip it all comes on, and then starts flashing o.0 even though b1 = 0



PIC28X2 VB Simple High Low Serial Interface

Hey all i'm new here so i would gladly aprechiate any help on this topic
I've got my picaxe chip plugged in and i have logicator to write programs to the chip
In the BASIC part of flowsheet programming i don't understand how to receive the commands from visual basic