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I'm confused with how to control my rover 5

Hi all,

I have a few questions, which may be a bit stupid but I am new to robotics.

I have a picaxe 28 pin project board, a rover 5 4WD robot platform with encoders, a parallax ping ultrasonic sensor and a standard servo.

I am planning on making an autonomous robot like that on the start here instructions.

I have found out that my picaxe won't be able to power the rover 5. So I am looking at buying the Dagu 4 channel motor controller. Will I be able to controll the rover 5 4WD and encoders, the servo and ping sensor if I buy this motor controller?

Dagu rover 5 power supply

Hi, I have already made the start here robot and I am now moving this idea onto the dagu rover 5 robot chassis. When I turn the robot on it moves very slowly I think this is because the motors are designed for 5-7 volts and the 3 AA baterries are just under 5 volts and that there are 4 motors to power. If I use the 6 AA battery holder that comes with the chassis I am guessing I will need to use resistors so that the sharpe IR sensor recieves the correct voltage and not way too much. However, I do not know where to conect the resistors on my picaxe 28 project board.

Picaxe programming cable will not work

I have made the start here robot and am trying to program it.

I have tried to download the driver for the cable. When I run the self-installing driver that you get from picaxe.com I get to the self-extractor, the progress bar reaches the end and then the window closes and no other window opens. I am not sure whether another window should open but I thought you had to set it up.

When I run the picaxe programming editor and click the check firmware version button it just come up with an error message saying 'serial port error - port not present or already in use!'

Picaxe 28 project board gets hot

Hello all

I am currently making the Start Here robot project, I think I have connected up both motors and the servo correctly. I plugged it into my computer and an error message pops up saying 'serial port error - port not present or already in use.'

But then I noticed that my board was getting hot, so I unplugged it. The batteries were then hot and so was the motor driver (I think it was the motor driver that was hot anyway)