Let's Make Robots!

cleaning robots

Say you are the kind of person who generally is not very good about keeping your room or desk clean. What if you could have robots do it for you. This is my idea, to design robots that can say... pick up your laundry, move some papers to the side of the desk or pick up small objects around scattered around the room such as shoes. It could be programmed to identify objects and put them where they belong. It would be really great if you could leave any suggestions as to actually make it happen or criticism in the comments. Thank you on advanced

programming for mecanum drive based robot

I am currently working on the programming for a robot that i have already built which will be using a mecaunum wheel based drive. I am rather noobish as far as the programming goes and need any help that i can get. I am trying to figure out how to program the robot to use te mecanum wheels for different movements such as going staright left or straight right. I am currently only setting up the robot to perform a routine predetermined in the programming. My current program will be included

Dagu 4 channel motor controller

I just got the dagu 4 channel motor controller and will very soon be recieving a set of four (2 left, 2 right) mecanum wheels. I want to use this motor controller with my mecanum wheels for the project that i am working on right now, but I have abslutely no idea how to program this motor cotroller, even for a normal drive system (I haven't ever used actual motors, only servos, so of course i havent used a motor controller either. If anybody knows how to do this, I would appreciate the help.