Let's Make Robots!
 this is my first time posting a robot. i've build 4 robots in my past. this is another project for me to learn more about writing in code. its all practice and … Read more
agitates and shortens the pcb etching process
this is a vertical etchant tank made for under $30!! all i used was a plastic container ($1), a fish tank airpump ($13), hydrogen peroxide ($0.89 ea, used 3.), … Read more

multiple arduino's in one project

im currently working on a octo-pod kind of like chopsticks. i plan on using 4dof legs from the t-hex and some components from vex robotics for the frame. i want to use two Dagu spider controlers. i want to use one for the legs and possible arm, and the other for sencers,etc... i was wondering how can i make the two work together as one.