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This is a robot that i built recently using the .Net Gadgeteer platform. It's based on a Rover 5 chassis and Explorer PCB The robot is controlled by a Playstation … Read more

Dagu 2dof Robot arm question

I bought this dagu 2dof arm recently


I've wired everything up and it seems to work ok, however the servo that controls the gripper seems to get very hot, even when the gripper is open. I've been switching it off after a minute or so as i don't want to damage it.

Has anyone else here used one of these? Is it normal that the gripper servo gets so hot?

This is a .Net Gadgeteer powered robot based on the rover 5 platform, and using an ir compound eye for object tracking. It's the first robot i've ever build and … Read more

.Net Gadgeteer Powered Object Tracking Robot

Over the past few weeks i've been building a robot using the .Net Gadgeteer platform and blogging about it.

The robot is based on a Rover 5 Chassis, with an ir compound eye and pan and tilt kit for object tracking.

I didn't find too much information on this site about how to use these awesome dagu products with the .net gadgeteer platform so hopefully my experiences can help to make things a bit easier for someone else.