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Rover 5 Bent Motor Shafts?

In my continuing quest to get a working rover I noticed that the "front" two wheels of my chassis were much harder to turn than the back. 

Attached you'll find an (blurry) image comparing the front shaft alignment to the back. I think the angle is pretty obvious. So the question is, is this a common issue with a simple solution? Should I just grab a pair of pliers and try to straighten it? Or is this cause for getting a replacement? Thanks in advance!

Rover 5 Basic Power Wiring Question (With Spider Board)

Hello All!

 I've just purchased a bunch of parts that I hope to turn into a working rover. Before I start wiring things up I've been looking for some clean pictures on how to get started. I found this image:


Control of Wild Thumper for Slow Crawl?

Just wondering if anyone has ever set up a control loop that allowed for a command like "slow crawl." From experience a single

PWM setting won't do it. As soon as it gets moving it starts moving *fast*. (Which is cool, but I'd like a full range of speeds). If so did you do this on the controller (in arduino code) or externally from some other code base?


Thanks in advance,


Wild Thumper Motor Issue

Continuing my fun with my Wild Thumper (yay!) I've been tracking down an issue where to get the right set of motors turning I need to issue much higher PWM values than the left side. For example on a charged 7.2v battery a PWM of 80 will turn the left side motors (unloaded, up on a block) but 100 or more is requred for the right side motors to turn. 

Using the Wild Thumper controller to charge large (10 ah) NiMH battery

I've recently upgraded the battery on my Wild Thumper and I wanted to get advice and warnings on charging a larger pack.


The battery fits snugly into the thumper chasis base, and seems like about as much power as I can get without moving to LiPo.

I'd like to be confident in letting the battery sit charging unattended.


If the charging circuit is rated at 2 amps should I assume that a depleted battery will take 5 hours to charge?


More fun with Wild Thumper


  My adventure with getting started with my Wild Thumper continues. In this episode, calibrating the motor current readings! As instructed I installed the diagnostic pde, removed the fuses and watched the serial output. Instead of seeing high currents measured for both motors I saw 0's. On a regular basis the fuse LEDs would blink and for just a moment there would be a reading of ~35. So that's the first strange thing.

Wild Thumper Basic Movement?


 Ultimately I'd like to control my wild thumper from a python interface, over serial. As a very first step however I need to understand the code that comes with the controller. As part of that I'd like to modify the code so that the wild thumper will move forward continuously when turned on.

Wild Thumper Controller Not Charging Battery Pack

First off, as this is my first post I appologise if I break any forum conventions!

I received a wild thumper chassis and controller yesterday and I'm very excited to start using it, however I'm having trouble with the battery charging part. 

To go along with the chassis and controller I ordered this battery pack (http://www.onlybatterypacks.com/showitem.asp?ItemID=10516.3)


Cell: 2200mah Sub-C Discharge rate: 25amps Wire: 22ga Rx, 14/16ga on larger connectors Size; L 2.64" x W 1.70" x H 1.76" Weight; 11oz.