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Now that was FAAAST!

Hey there guys,

A week earlier, our fantastic LMR member Lumi was kind enough to sponsor me a gripper arm and a pan tilt bracket (for 3DOF). I was planning to use it in a project for a local exhibition. More on that soon! Let's see how the shipping went.

Spider Controller powering up through USB only.

Hey guys,

I hadn't used the the spider controller for around 2 months. ( was working great back then) A few weeks ago, I picked it up again, tried powering up through an external power supply, and booom. ( no it didn't blow! :D)

But it did not power up.

It works fine through the USB cable. I checked the switch. It was damaged too. I have replaced it with a new one, but to no avail.I am assuming that the 5V regulator might have gone out? What do you suggest guys?


Hello guys, Lots of little projects left on my to-do list. Finally got the bi-ped to walk ( Still wobbly ). Need to complete MBB to follow lines (and solve mazes). … Read more

Made In Nepal Expo 2014 : A Glimpse

Hey there guys!

Whenver there's a relatively huge event in Nepal, the organizers resort to "Bhrikuti Mandap" as the venue. So was the case this time. The Made in Nepal Expo 2014 was held from 14th - 17th Feb 2014, at Bhrikuti Mandap. 

As the event name suggested, the event hosted hundreds of stalls that ranged from furniture to clothing and from pottery to 21st century art-work, in short, everything that's made in Nepal. Of course, why would I post this if there weren't some robots on display?

Pictures! Your Up Next!



Knocks Objects Around the House
Using a
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Hello there.........Hot Glue!

Hey there guys,

Finally, ( let me repeat that again ), FINALLY, I have made my entry to the LMR HOT GLUE CLUB !! (Really? Is there one? :D)

Long story. Many places were searched and explored in Kathmandu. Many shops and mini-markets, hunted down, and from one, out comes an LMRian's favourite weapon!

Below is where I found it. It's a place called Asan, a busy street market area. Pretty much an offline real world e-bay for me ! ( cheap stuff )


The basics of PID based line following using the qtr-8rc IR sensors
UPDATE : ( 01/16/2014 ) A few updates on making things more clearer about P, I , D and Kp, Ki, Kd. UPDATE : ( 01/18/2014 ) A few minor additions and got rid of some … Read more