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Sharp sensors....again

I recently posted about stuggling to even make my robot work using the LMR instructions, with the forums help it turned out i fried my Sharp infra red sensor. I replaced it and my robot worked perfectly :) now, when i turn my robot on it is constantly stoping and aparntly 'seeing things' and wont move. I have used the Picaxe programming editor and the value b0 does change but it doesnt go down to 0 when i remove my hand away from it.

Programming a robot

I have recently got the LMR starter kit which is very good, however when i go to program the robot via the Picaxe software it says it is complete when programing it however the robot does not move. Everytime i type i simple code and program it the robot is unresponsive. i have checked all the connections with a multimeter and they are all fine. I am wondering whether it is the board or just me being thick. i would really appreciate it if someone were to help me. Loving the website!!!

many thanks