Let's Make Robots!
UPDATE 11/30/2012 Hello all, been pretty busy lately with things, but it was brought to my attention we don't have much time left for this competition! I've decided … Read more

Six(6) DC motors, Six(6) Std. Servos, and Two(2) Stepper motors -- HOW?

As the title suggests, HOW do I run all of this hardware? I've been trying to research a low-cost, effective (and simple) method of controlling six dc motors (6V-ish), six standard servos, and (possibly) two steppers.

I will be running an R-Pi + Arduino UNO for the Brains. 

Any suggestions?

Behold, the All Seeing Eye. One day, I gazed upon such a thing on the internets, and it intrigued me. I said to myself; Thou shall build thyself such a Thing! And … Read more
Keeps its owner company
Another build that simply "came into existence" right on my workbench one night!  Scrappy 1.0 gets his monicker from the fact that his chassis was a happy accident … Read more
Conquerer of Living Rooms
Using a
Finally have a few projects up and running--somewhat. My previous "Untitled Robot Project" project was actually scrapped for this, since I needed the already "lego … Read more


10 pts to whoever gets the title reference.

I was perusing all the amateur DIY near-space balloon flights that have been gaining popularity lately, and a thought hit me.

Would it be possible to have a two stage flight; first stage would be the balloon and payload reaching a certain altitude. The second stage, when this specific altitude is reached, a ROCKET is fired from within the payload, taking it further into space (hopefully reaching escape velocity.

WiiCameras for sale

Hey all, so I've jumped on the Wii IR Camera boat and I'm excited to get this working on my bot(s)! I thought I'd share some of the coolness that is the Wii IR Camera with you, by offering them to you!

So earlier last night I was itching to do something robotic-y while waiting for my FOREVER order from dealextreme.com. I've been very curious about the embedded PC … Read more