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Six(6) DC motors, Six(6) Std. Servos, and Two(2) Stepper motors -- HOW?

As the title suggests, HOW do I run all of this hardware? I've been trying to research a low-cost, effective (and simple) method of controlling six dc motors (6V-ish), six standard servos, and (possibly) two steppers.

I will be running an R-Pi + Arduino UNO for the Brains. 

Any suggestions?


10 pts to whoever gets the title reference.

I was perusing all the amateur DIY near-space balloon flights that have been gaining popularity lately, and a thought hit me.

Would it be possible to have a two stage flight; first stage would be the balloon and payload reaching a certain altitude. The second stage, when this specific altitude is reached, a ROCKET is fired from within the payload, taking it further into space (hopefully reaching escape velocity.

WiiCameras for sale

Hey all, so I've jumped on the Wii IR Camera boat and I'm excited to get this working on my bot(s)! I thought I'd share some of the coolness that is the Wii IR Camera with you, by offering them to you!

Electronic components newbie help

Well I'm not technically a newbie, but I forgot a lot of this stuff so :P

Basically I was reading up on what are good general components to get, and I've made a cart with Jameco electronics (the easiest site for me to understand their ordering process).

What do you all think? Is this a good selection? (Note: the resistor assortment bag goes from 10 to 5.6m Ohms. I would assume this includes the K range of ohms, right?)


5v Step Up question



Does anyone have experience with this type/brand of step up 5v converter? I'm comparing it to the Pololu one here: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/798 which is slightly more expensive, and then you get hit with shipping costs (for me it's about the same price as buying a second module).



Pololu 5v step up ($5.45 + SHIPPING)

Help with Micro/Mini Gearhead motors for tiny bot

Ok so if you've read my profile here, one of my goals is to create/produce a low cost, versatile micro/mini robot that could be used as a swarm bot.

Currently I'm trying to source some decent tiny gearhead motors for under $12 dollars. Today I've come across these:


and this



Also there are some 3V gearmotors of the same dimensions with varying RPMs (from 30 to 100rpm) available as well. The torque ratios are not given for those, however.

*UPDATED* New community portal site in the works

*UPDATE 7/12/12*

Strange, my new comment seems to have disappeared. Anyways. I've decided to go ahead with the project. I've reduced the amount of "features" and I am focusing solely on the user base, events, and a robot gallery.

There is a cool feature in the works that lets any registered user "import" (syndicate) an rss feed to their activity on my site, meaning you can import your LMR or any other RSS driven blog and not worry about creating new content on my site if you don't want to! HURRAY INTERCONNECTIVITY!

So rusty

Ok so I'm still waiting on all my new parts to arrive, in the meantime I'm thinking I should warm up the ol' grey matter engine and unrust my electronics knowledge. Can anyone recommend a tutorial site or ebook(s) (I used to have the '80s booklets from Radioshack on beginning electronics, can't find them though) that is geared more towards robotics? Primarily anything that would help with PICAXE or Arduino based microcontroller interfacing.


So I love lasers. Really, really love them. I've bought about a dozen different types of laser modules (green/red) to play with on my next bot. However I'm at a loss as to where to even begin on using them as more than just a "frickin laser beam", and have it actually DO SOMETHING!