Let's Make Robots!

Almost got my stuffs for learning to build a first beginner robot

I just got almost all of my packages for starting with robotic and I am thrilled but lately busy with my work so probably will start to work on it soon once I got all  my stuffs :D

To be continued...

Russia 2045

Avatar-A: Scientists prepare for human brain transplant


They prepare for human brain transplant to an artificial body so...

Will we never die?

So sad there is no major biorobotic in my country?

Check http://2045.com for more detail it look interesting to me!



How to create Blog entry in LMR!

Dear all,

I saw we can create blog in LMR which is cool but I don't know how can we do it in LMR.

Hope anyone can give me instruction I would really appriciate!



Programming microcontrollers (or build microcontroller from scratch)

Dear all,

I am abosolutely beginner but have experienced with programming. I have dreamed to build a robot for ages and I have keep searching on google but have no luck because the tutorial is not for beginner. So hope you guys can pin point me to any beginner tutorial on how to build our own simple microcontroller or breadboard to just do simple task ex: blinking the led something like that which I can just follow the instruction with clear picture and I will be able to make it myself.

P.S. honestly, I don't know even the differences between microcontroller and breadboard.