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How many times can I write a sketch to an Arduino

Have durable is the flash memory on the Arduino.  Can I upload different code 100's or 1000's of times without it dying?  I am curious if it various from Actual Arduino to clones.   I am trying multiple programs and tend to write the blink code when done to prevent any odd code running when I am between trials.





10 Ready-to-Roll Robots that Run Linux



Not a video but this seemed the best fit.  Some of the platforms are way too expensive for the hobbyist but a few would be in budget. 

 Being a Linux fan I am always glad to see more uses for it. 



Bamboo Flooring??

Okay I do not have a lot of fancy equipment no CNC or 3d print devices.  I am wondering if anyone has tried to work with Bamboo flooring to build robot parts.  I have a large set of tips for my Dremel tool.  There are various sizes on the HomeDepot website of Bamboo flooring.  From 3/8 9/16, and 5/8 thickness.

Tethered remote Moves up to 300lbs
My goal is to make a remote wheel barrow. I was able to get the power chair for $75. Everything works except it needed batteries. Cost varies from $100 for 1 U! … Read more

Music Playing Quad Rotor Robots


Music playing Quad Rotor Robots

FYI - I had to choose use old Embeded code on YouTube page to get the code to be accpeted. 

17-year-old girl invents heart exam for cellphones



17-year-old girl invents heart exam for cellphones

Interesting that she used standard breadboards for the proto type.  


Testing Arduino Motor Shield Before Using

I recently purchased a motor shield on Amazon.  Didn't read the direction fully and the deivce arrived in parts.  had to sodler the whole thing together.  I would like to test it somehow before attaching to my Arduion and blowing somehtinh up.


Model Motor control shield KIT for Arduino