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Hello LMR.

I am looking for help to find a good hobbyist CNC to make some face plate or back plate for electronic enclosure, menaning engraving will be the most ue of this machine.

A full ready to use CNC, or a kit, or eventually to build one.

This is what I am looking for :

- CNC with reasonable dimension, something like 20" x20", but not definitive diemsion.


I am adressing directly to the admin of the site (Fritz  ;-) ), but other LMR can support my idea.


Where is the mershandising section of the LMR website ?

very large tee-shirt

ridiculous LMR vanted hat

luminous solar powered LMR umbrella

so large bumper/hood sticker

crazy strong LMR fridge magnet

abosutely awesome geeky LMR laser color pen

design to print

I didn't do to much printing with my printrbot simple, just enough for setting everything, and now its almost perfect.


I designed an object with sketchup, convert to STL and load into Repetier, look great after sliced.  After the printing is done my dimension are a little bit wrong.

December 2013  Maintenant en Français et en Anglais.    Now in French and English.   ARCOS a eu beaucoup de modifications depuis ma dernière publication.  … Read more

merry christmas to all

special congrats to Fritz and familly for the futur baby

the french touch

vous voulez porter la touche francaise robotique, alors faites-le ici et exposer la difference !

LiPO monitoring with Arduino

Who knows how to monitor each cell of a Lipo battery with an Arduino using only one analog pin ?

I know to do with the voltage divider connected to one cell, but it will be the use of a lot of pin if I want correctly monitor 3 batteries (6S+6S+3S=15 pins !!!!)

Some kind of cycling testing of the cells ?

about ultra sonic detectors

I want use the ultra sonic detector outdoor, anyone knows if these detector (like the basic HR-SR04) can work on back of translucide plastic (old outdoor camera dome) ?

motors driver card impulse at the boot up

I have an aruino mega for piloting a motor driver card, using PWM to control the speed and one pin other pin for controlling the rotation way.


Each time the arduino boot up (by connecting the USB or the 9V) also when I established a serial connection, the motors impulse at full speed for really short time.


The pin out from the arduino are connected directly to the motor board ; Do I need some kine of filter like capacitor, resistor ?

Do I need shielded cables ?

see the picture of the motor card bellow, bought on Ebay

details, details, details

I am still pretty new on LMR, and more on robotic, but I read a lot of pages, a lot of post in the forum and I still regarding for more details how you make your robots.


More details about the connections of different component.

more details about your problems and the troubleshooting


Also look forward for more scripts, more library.


When I go thru LMR, I feel like everybody save a little secret, not really share the experiences and the skills to the newbees.