Let's Make Robots!

details, details, details

I am still pretty new on LMR, and more on robotic, but I read a lot of pages, a lot of post in the forum and I still regarding for more details how you make your robots.


More details about the connections of different component.

more details about your problems and the troubleshooting


Also look forward for more scripts, more library.


When I go thru LMR, I feel like everybody save a little secret, not really share the experiences and the skills to the newbees.


PWM motor controller


I have a MC33886 motor controller, I know it is capable to go forward and reverse by using the inputs IN1 or IN2 for choosing what direction you want.

Can you tell me if you know a motor controller pilot by PWM and using only one INPUT ?

Something like:

- time 1= full reverse

- time 50 =stop

- time 100 = full forward

new arduino for $49

The new arduino, the DUE is out today.


Its a 32bits, 87Mhz !


A good toy for us.

printed circuit

what is your best tools for your printed circuits :

- Softwares if you use for the design ?

- what paper or plastic phot if you print it ?

- what photobox (home made joint a picture, please) if you did ?

- what product did you use (board, revelator, acid, ...) ?

- If you didn't your circuit yourself, where did you order ?




I know like you guys, you are a scavenger, like me, we love that, we save a lot of money, and always expect have enough space to stock everything we can found.  Unfortunelly, around us, nobody understand why we save a lot of things.


But, I have a major question, I expect a lot of answers from everybody :

In my town I have 3 thrift store, with a lot of stuff, by experience what do you think is the type of printer (laser, jet, pin) I need to scavenge to found a good practical robotics parts ?



website about batteries

Here is an excellent website about batteries and charging process :