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PWM motor controller


I have a MC33886 motor controller, I know it is capable to go forward and reverse by using the inputs IN1 or IN2 for choosing what direction you want.

Can you tell me if you know a motor controller pilot by PWM and using only one INPUT ?

Something like:

- time 1= full reverse

- time 50 =stop

- time 100 = full forward

new arduino for $49

The new arduino, the DUE is out today.


Its a 32bits, 87Mhz !


A good toy for us.

printed circuit

what is your best tools for your printed circuits :

- Softwares if you use for the design ?

- what paper or plastic phot if you print it ?

- what photobox (home made joint a picture, please) if you did ?

- what product did you use (board, revelator, acid, ...) ?

- If you didn't your circuit yourself, where did you order ?



website about batteries

Here is an excellent website about batteries and charging process :


engineering phase of my first robot, lot of questions !

Hello everybody,

First of all is a brief description of the robot I dream to built :

- processor ARDUINO

- Outside off-road (on the grass of my back yard), night and day

- completely autonomous guardian robot ( to chase the squirles off my vegetables garden)

- auto-recharging by bay charging station and also solar panel (I live in California, a lot of sun)

- loaded with some weapon like sound, light or projectiles.

- eventually the option to install a camera and R/C command (for the fun)


The questions :