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wild thumper motor controller

so i broutg a new wild thumper motor controller load code below  on it and now te controller makes this noise whn i turn on te rc controller. also my ardiouno idle says its not syn. still it seems programs are uploading. basicly its the onl the rc code on the basic code provided . but as far as i know the sound indicades something is wrong because when i used my first vcontroller it wasnt making sound altho i did blow that one up after a while. any 1 can tell me why its making the sound i must have missed somthing ?


code :


wild thumper controller

i got a question i just wired my wild thumper controller again. cose i wanted the move the wild thumper controler board to other part of the vecle. problem is i put plus power from the battery in min and vise versa. and there came smoke out of it i imediatly removed the power but now my board seems dead or my battery got flat in few seconds. would there be a big chance i broke my board ??

wild thumper + wild thumper motor controller how do i let it start driving?


im new t building robots and i got a question.

i have brougth the wild humper 6 wheeled chasis and a wild thumper motor controller.


everything is ooked up propperly, 

now my question is ow that i uploaded the standard program from my laptop on the controller(only changed to serial instead of rc as i want to drive it via my laptop). what code do i need to change to let the servos start driving?

myself i thougt this peace of code :