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Development of new automation systems and very accurate encoders

Hi friends, I have two different questions.

Computer Vision

Hi friends, I search after examples of researches and projects that involve or collaborate Computer Vision and one of this big subjects Robotics, Artificial Intelligent, Control, Mechanics and Communication.

Design the software and the hardware for servo controllers

I search information about design the software and the hardware of controllers especially servo controllers.

I have several questions about this subject and I will glad if you can write your opinion and add some relevant links.

Mechanics mechanisms for conveyors

I am interesting to know about the mechanics mechanisms that use the conveyors in products lines automations systems.

Technologies or devices or knowledge for cars in specifics subjects

I do a small theoretical project, in this project I need to investigate some technologies or devices or knowledge that must to be related to cars or to futures cars or cars industry, it can be all the kinds of cars, not only private car, it can be also buses, tractors, trucks

Computer vision and electro optics

I see in one booklet these sentences, there is no more information, my question is what are the electro optics and DSP that they maybe can do in this device? How this device work? I search after sites that can help me to understand the electro optic and the computer vision that are related or close to this device and what are the benefits that this method has to a stereo video that use 2 video cameras.

Autonomous robotic car

What are the subjects that I need to learn to understand who to convert a robotic platform car to autonomous robotic car, like computer vision, path planning and others subjects in artificial intelligent (what are these subjects?) and what more subjects?

3D Image

I want to learn how to connect some connect some cameras and receive a stereoscopic view this is a 3D image and also image of 360 degree, to receive the image of 360 degree I think that I need some cameras and also to receive the stereoscopic view I need some cameras