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Wiring (beginners question)

As a total beginner I'm wondering what people use to connect Arduino's, motor controllers etc. etc.? I'm on the verge of buying some pre-made jumper wires (http://robosavvy.com/store/product_info.php/cPath/35/products_id/1178) for convenience more than anything else. But I'm wondering what more experienced people do? Do you make up your own jumpers from scratch? Some general advice/shared experience on wiring would be interesting.



Power distribution (total beginner)

Hi folks,

After years of thinking about it I've finally started to build my first bot. I know next to nothing about electronics and microcontrollers so I have a steep learning curve ahead!

I started my project by buying a kit - the Dagu Rover 5 '2WD' kit . I'm planning on coupling this with a Raspberry Pi and some other bits and bobs. In brief, the way I'm dreaming it is that the RaPi will be the 'brains', which in turn controls the Arduino (Red Back Spider), which in turn controls the motors of the Rover 5 ...