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can any circuit be completed without arduino

i have completed the circuit but it still not running ? find the images.

1) To spin the motor on breadboard circuit, does adruino uno really required, without adruino uno is it possible to complete circuit on breadboard using atmega?

2) is it necessary to use 2 battery for the circuit on breadboard to spin motor using atmega? in the rc mini helicopter the circuit contains only 1 rechargable battery, so why the circuit on breadboard require 2 battery and require adruino uno ?

letsmakerobots - motor connections using atemega32,l293d

here is the code for microcontroller atmega32

#include <avr/io.h>

#include <util/delay.h>

int main(void)


DDRC = 0x0F;



PORTC = 0b00000101;


PORTC = 0b00001010;

letsmakerobots - circuit images of l293d

Can anyone send me the images of circuit connections for l293d with atmega32 without adruino on breadboard ?

i am not using adruino in the connections to drive motors.



letsmakerobots - motor is not spinning

i have created the simple circuit using breadboard to blink led every 5 sec using microcontroller.

it works well and the led flashes out for 5 sec.

i want to use motor in the circuit.

but if i place the motor in place of led,the motor does not spin.

is the enough current not passing from microcontroller to motor or i have to use additional components like transistor/mosfets etc.

however if i connect the motor to 1.5 v cell battery separately,it spins well.

Can you help me what could be the reason the motor is not spinning ?