Let's Make Robots!

The wishlist

Just to let you all know.

I made a wishlist of parts on yourduino.
In a couple of weeks, it's my birthday :)
I will use all the money from my birthday to buy things from there. (only electric parts, mechanical parts such as wheels I will find some where else for free :))

I will update this blog when I buyed some things!


(excuse me for my bad english, just corrected a few terible mistakes :p)


Hi all!


I'm totally new at this, but I want to learn it!
I have an idea for a RoomBot.
It will be a bot that checks the room for it conditions. (Temperature, co2,...)

More concrete:

Roombot, witch parts i need?

Hi all!

On my blog here you can folow the progress of my roombot.

For now, I just need a robot that moves on the outside of the room and always turn right if possible.

I want it to work with the ultrasound sensor.

For the rest, I really do not know what else I need to buy.

One or two servo's?
Witch microcontroller? (If i need one)

Later on Roombot, there will be 4-6 sensors on, so it must be able to upgrade the bot with them.


Can you guys give me a tip/start?