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Agile Quadcopter From Scratch

I want to make a quadcopter from scratch.

that means, frame, motors, everything, including writing the code for stabilizing it.


I have several questions:

I read several blogs about gyroscopes vs accellerometers. Do i need both? From what i understand, i can just use an accellerometer to add power to an engine when it starts tilting? am i right?

Which microcontroller is suitable for the job? im thinking of arduino, but not using ardupilot, i wanna write my own stabilization code. Any ideas on this?

How to start a hobby in robotics?

So I want to start making robots.

I've been programming for years, so i have that part down, but i dont know much about electronics.

I want to start with a project thats expandable once i get more confortable with the basics.

Lets say i have a budget of $250 but with a possibility for more.