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Servo Help

I was using a 2 dof dagu arm to hold some junk lying arround my desk (empty cans) when it stop responding i touch and it was remarkly hot. I was running it from a dagu spider controller . I am suspecting ask was asking it to close when i could not anymore. So my question. Is there a way to tell if your forcing your servo remotely?

Xbee serie 1

Hi ,

i have been building a robot which currently is more like an rc . I can control it via processing sketch on my computer over XBee Serie 1. From what i understand, with default factory setting , they communicate with the first xbee they see(factory default too). I am trying to set then with PAN id , DH, and DL to have them work together everytime. However , i cannot get them talking after changing the setting. I change DH and DL of xbee 1 to SH and SL of xbee 2(not serie 2) and set the same PAN ID and it won't work.