Let's Make Robots!

Replacing a motor(?) for my Dagu Adventure bot

So I got the Dagu Adventure Bot for my kids for Christmas (and was posting about getting it running around Oct/November).  Well they do love it but it wasn't long before he broke.  I apologize for the overly simplified terms I'm about to use but I'd rather use them then the wrong words.  But it's the left wheel that's the problem.  The black box (presumably housing the motor) that the left wheel is attached to, is screwed into posts in two places using a really tiny plastic piece coming out of the black box.

Dagu Adventure / Mr.General - Is "turn on all the servos" an error of some sort?

So I've gotten my Dagu Adventure Bot running and have successfully been putting code on it.  I've turned off the sound, I've played around with the "light chase" mode and edge detection sensors, and so on.  So I'm pretty confident that the code I see is the code that's making it down to the bot.

Getting started with my Dagu Adventure Bot?

So I just picked up the Dagu Adventure Bot, with the intent of giving it to my kids for Christmas.  This allows me a good couple of months to make sure I know the ins and outs of what we can make it do.  I'm a programmer by trade so the idea of doing some C coding to make it do some not-out-of-the-box stuff doesn't bother me at all.  But being a software guy, what worries me is the potential for bricking the thing.  So before I proceed I wanted to ask some reallly basic questions: