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lsm303 on Rover 5 4wd

Hi All,

Has anyone had any success using a lsm303dlhc as a compass on a Rover 5 4wd with the motors running?

Step-down regulator problem

I've been using an LM2940CT-based regulator to power the logic on a Dagu 4ch motor controller. It's one of OddBot's designs from his walkthrough and it works just fine.

I decided to buy a Pololu D15V35F5S3 to replace it simply because it's much smaller than the one I built.

Rover 5 motors turn in opposite directions


Finally managed to complete the wiring on my Rover 5. I removed the tracks and elevated the chassis and uploaded a simple sketch to run each motor at 1/3 speed for 5 seconds each. Using a Spider and the Dagu 4ch motor controller. Powered by a 2s 3000mAh Lipo.

Motors 3 and 4 turn in the opposite direction to 1 and 2.

I rechecked the wiring and the sketch and all seems in order. I read that a previous builder found that the motor controller was incorrectly wired from the factory but this doesn't seem to be the case with mine.

Any extra hardware for Rover 5 and Dagu motor controller and Spider?

Hi All,

New member.

I'm just about to order a Rover 5 4WD, Dagu motor controller and Spider. I'd appreciate any advice on any additional bits or equipment which might be necessary/useful to complete this project.

Initial thoughts are:

What kind of electrical wire to connect the boards?

What hardware do you use to mount the boards on the chassis? etc

After it's acquired basic functionality, I'll need to add some sensors to avoid obstacles.