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Helps those who don't have access to a solder or doesn't have the correct jumper wire
Any people out there who don't have an access to a solder or don't know how to use one, doesn't have the correct jumper wire, etc., consider this cheap (actually … Read more


Just got my Raspberry Pi today :)

Can't wait to use it!

Pro: sticks well cheap? easy to use   Cons: kinda dangerous...got burned several times... some are very flimsy, so be careful may be frustrating Read more

Very Very Cheap Platform

So, I was starting on building my second robot, and I didn't really find enough materials around. I found straws and chopsticks, so I cut them up, glue them, and made them into a cheap base for my robot.

For more info, visit http://danrobotics.weebly.com/very-very-cheap-arduino-platform.html


Right now, just a basis for a military robot.
Using a
Hello. This is my first robot on LMR :). It uses Lego Mindstorms NXT, and what it does, it moves around and shoots using the highly noticeable machine gun mounted … Read more