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Two Dumb Questions; TX/RX LEDs on TTL and Wheel on Motor

Good evening everyone,

Two dumb questions:


I'm working on getting simple RX/TX traffic indicator lights on a 3.3v TTL system.


The LED is a tri-color RGB LED (datasheet).  I'm trying to accomplish something like in this post here, the Olin answer.

Combines an ATtiny 85 and HM-10 (BLE)
Using a
UPDATE: Added BOM corrections. (Sorry for floating.) Ok. Here's a finished board I've been working on for a bit. In essence, it is a BLE node board.  It combines … Read more
UPDATE: Added info on making SPI programming jig (makes life a lot easier). UPDATE: Added ATtiny 84 info (though, the post is meant for the ATtiny 85). I've been … Read more

Damn you awesome Swiss!

Those sort of people that are just too cool to hate, even though you really want to...they stole my graduate dissertation idea.



Here's the actual published research article.



UPDATE: 1/05/13 New angle.  I finished my ATtiny Bitsy Spider (ABS) board and wanted to do something with it.  While stringing it together I had thought of … Read more
A Python Module that Tracks and Controls a Robot using OpenCV
I've been working on this one in silence for a bit.   Awhile back it hit me, before I started growing my Overlord project in complexity I wanted to refine it for … Read more

For those who missed the Pixy (CMU5)

I think I'm with a few who actually supported the Pixy Kickstarter and is now waiting for the camera.  I'd say "waiting patiently" but I'm not, I'm already scouting alternatives.  One of these dangerousprototypes posted about awhile back.  But the guy (Mux) who is (single handed?) developing it seems to be pretty dedicated. 

Here's the last update.

Cheapish GUI Based Logic Analyzer (sub 1Mhz)

I don't suppose someone has a logic-analyzer they'd like to recommend?

Looking for something to troubleshoot I2C data.

I've tried Mogul's suggestion on the Arduino sniffer with little luck capturing usable I2C data.  Willing to pay, but little as I must :P



I thought I would start keeping a log of my Rostock build.


Actual Purchases:

Proposed BOM and Vendors: