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VFD variable frequency drive 3-phase ac syncronous motor

Has anyone attempted to make a 3-phase VFD or anything similar? 

I am looking for someone who would like to work on a project involving a simple VFD. 

I can handle the power side of things, i.e. IGBT etc. , I just need help with the control side.

Similar to this:




mini maestro coding help needed

I am working on a project that has more to do with flying robots, i.e. quadcopters etc. and I am optimizing the propulsion systems, i.e. brushless motors and propeller combinations.  I have a full data aquisition test bench to gather the data that I need, but the thing that would be really nice is to control the electronic speed controller(s) using a mini maestro.  I have gotten the mini (12 channel) to run some of the basic programs in the manual, but I need some more complicated programming help so run different sequences by pressing a switch or flipping a toggle.