Let's Make Robots!

First robot-what design!?

So I'm stuck on what I want to do. I have thwo idea for my first robot. The first idea is the a quadrupped useing 12 servos and th second is making a simple 8 servo biped. They both will use the mgician v2 once it come out plus a 8 servo expansion so I can control up to 16 servos and a li-po battery. What would be a good choice to learn- the quad will have harder programming while the biped with be harder mechanicaly. So i'm kinda stuck on what shold be my first robot? what your all first robot?

First Robot-Again'ish

So i'm starting to get back into robots after about 5 years away. I would like to make a 4/6 legged robot but like a micro version. I was thinking about useing the Micro magician becuase it's small form factor. And honestly I don't want the robot to be any bigger the the 30x60mm. I relize that the magician can only handle 8 servoes directly. What would I need to add to control more servors and is this "brain" good enough for what I want?