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Help With Visual Basic coding

Hi there ....I want to make something in vb (an application which i made to work with the arduino uno)  and i put a notification icon (in a timer). But i want everytime the value from the arduino uno change send me a message with the notification icon that the value change ....

Arduino (Data with bluetooth module to computer Visual Basic Application)

Hi there ...I want to connect a bluetooth module on my arduino uno and send the data(Battery Amperes-Voltage from a divider,temperatureand humidity) on my pc to a Visual BAsic application that i am going to create. 

The idea is to monitor my system from my pc.And I want to ask is this possible?

Arduino LCD Display Errors :(

Hi there i try to make an alarm with arduino and i have an lcd on it but my lcd have some strange marks and are not in the code


Can anyone help me please?

How to send an analog value from a photo sensor to arduino uno from distance

I want to make something like an alarm.But i want to put the photo sensor on my window and and rest of the circuit (arduino,power supply and other) next to my bed.But i have a question how i can send the analong value from the photo resistor to the arduino from distance..


Any help would be nice

Webpage to sell pc app

Hi there I create some programs with Visual Basic 2010 and i want to sell them.Does anyone know a webpage to sell them.



Arduino Uno (LCD(16x2) With Multiples Sreens(Menus) )

I want to connect on arduino uno two buttons So i can get in diffent menus of the lcd.My lcd in 16x2 and because it have 2 lines i can't put all the information i want so i want to make some menus to put my info in.How i must connect the wires and what is the code to make this possible.


I search in google but i found only lcd with keypad shield mine in only the lcd.Can someone help me with wiring diagram and coding?

Arduino As Alarm

I want to connect on my arduino (UNO) a 12v power source and an lcd . When the main power disconnect it will write on lcd Power Failure and switch to backup battery.And when the main power recconect it will say Power Live and switch to main poer


And My Question Is How I Can Connect the Main power  And LCD On arduino and print the info on the LCD


I would appreciate it a lot if you help me

Solar Tracker

I need a cheap solar tracker circuit for 12v dc motor.Also when is getting dark go back to east and wait the sun....Now the only thing i need is the UA747C chip

Internet Data

how to make an arduino circuit to send data like voltage , amperes and other info to a wedsite on internet

Digital Time Counter

does anyone know where i can find a digital meter to count the total working time of a device?  e.g like genarators and other?