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motors vs. servos

Im learning as I go here, and recently learned in another thread that motors and servos are very different in that servos can be driven directly from the board while motors require an H bridge or similar to protect the board.

When designing a beginner robot, what are some other differences between motors and servos that may not be obvious to a newbie?



flexinol/nitinol/muscle fiber

I am interested in designing some add on components for my robot using memory alloy wire.

I've never used it before, and thought I'd ask for general advice/pitfalls before I order.

I am planning on ordering it from here




any advice on ordering and using this material?  thanks.

low current motors for very lightweight robot design

Hi all.

Has anybody encountered any VERY small motors that can be controlled directly from an arduino without an H-Bridge, motor shield, or similar?

I think the max current on a pin is 40-50 mA (please correct me if I'm wrong)

I know some small pager motors draw that or less, but was wondering if there was something a little bigger that the robot community uses for small robot projects.