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UPDATE 3rd of March 2015 Well, it happened. PopPet went onto Kickstarter, it was funded, now it's a product. What a journey! I thought that I better update the … Read more

3D Design work in exchange for parts - PopPet

Hello all,

Just thought I'd let you all know things are going well with PopPet. They are going to be shipped out by the end of this month and all is working out after this long time!

Because I have been so busy cutting and packing them up, I haven't had much time to just muck around and design bits and pieces as add-ons. I wasn't feeling so good today so I sat down and designed this little breadboard holder.

Feedback on PopPet instructions

Hello all!

Firstly, just thought I'd let you all know that PopPet is going really well. Everything I need has arrived and I am now boxing up all the bits and pieces.

One thing that still needs finishing up is the PopPet build instructions. These aren't going to be included in the kit, but rather available on the website for viewing or download for offline use (due to costs of printing). A QR code is going to be in the kit to take them to the instructions.

LMR Intro Video



Whilst editing my newest video I found I was getting a little sick of just having an LetsMakeRobots static image at the end of my videos. Because of this I thought I would throw together a short LMR clip to make it look all fancy and stuff.

You are free to download these and use however you like.

The YouTube video is of the clip.


Download links can be found using the link below:

PopPet is on Kickstarter!

It's finally here, the day has come, PopPet is on Kickstarter!

This has been months in the making. But finally, all the verification on Kickstarters end is over and now comes the wait to see if PopPet is as good as everyone says :).

So, if you have some cash to spare and would like to support me, you can check out the campaign by clicking on the link below.

PopPet is coming to Kickstarter!

aI know, many of you are probably already aware by my constant SB ramblings, but the Kickstarter campaign to produce PopPet's is approaching (aiming for the first of July).

I've been working on this for a long while now, gone through several revisions, got quotes of parts, calculated fees, calculated shipping costs and taxes and here we have it:

The Preview Kickstarter page!


I feel dumb

It all started when I was programming PopPet. I was using the simple way of using the HC-SR04:

Robot Talk Show 'Babbling Bots'


UPDATE 20/5/2014

The show was succesfully livestreamed and can now be watched by those who missed it here.

Thanks to all the LMR folk that came along! They've told me it was good and I thought it went good so I'm happy.