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Get well soon Carl!

I think I can speak for the majority here, but make sure to leave your thoughts below aswell.

Carl, we haven't known you long, but in that short period of time you have done some amazing things for us. You are the hero that we deserve. The site is looking amazing and things are getting better here everyday.

I would just like to start this thread to show our appreciation to Carl and the amazing work he is doing for us.

Get well soon Carl!

Fundraising for the chicken

Hello everyone.

I didn't really want to post on here but Bas conviced me too, so if you don't like it here, blame Bas :)

I am currently running a fundraiser to purchase a new camera to record videos with.

Quoted from my site:

Well, as some of you may know, I've finally made a 3D printer! It was a long process, mainly due to costs, full of 'oooh' moments and 'why didn't I just buy a … Read more

LMR T-Shirt Fundraiser

The time has come! As promised I am now working on an LMR T-Shirt.

After my sucess printing my own shirts I am now familiar with the system and know how to get these printed cheap. I will be using the same system, TeeSpring, so remember that this is all crowdfunded and much like a 'kickstarter' campaign. All profits that will be raised are being donated to the masters of LMR to help them in their tremendous efforts to keep this site going and also to the upgrade process to LMR V4.

UPDATE: 10th of November 2013. I have added a video explaining and showing PET's operation. PET, or Poppet, is an experimental platform for programming 'emotional … Read more

Hotend and filament - What to get?

G'day all o/

Just a quick question. I at the buying of hotend stage of my Prusa i2 build and am confussed with all these filament and nozzle diameter options. 

What do you think would be the best filament size? 3 or 1.75mm? What is the difference in application?

What nozzle size should I get? Something bigger or something smaller? Again, what can I expect out of either?