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Navigates to Coordinate in order to control territory/enforce my will on the populace
Using a
As it's been some time since the completion of the GDR Mk II, and many parts of the world have not yet fallen under the shadow of my power, I have decided to begin … Read more
Navigates around via ultrasound, moves turret and fires "Death Ray" at targets
Using a
Update 28 NOV 12: - I've fiddled with the targeting code and now have it written correctly so that the GDR will enter "Sentry Mode", will scan 180 degrees using an … Read more

Has anyone used Longer-distance rangefinders (ie golf Laser Rangefinders)?

Was wondering if anybody had any experience or had seen anything on here about people using longer range laser rangefinders as sensors for their robots. 

Trying to fill data into an array for the first time.

Let me apologize right up front if I sound stupid here, this is my first adventure into programming and I'm trying to learn.

What I'm trying to do is use an ultrasonic rangefinder attached to a servo to scan the area in front of the robot in a 180 degree arc, and record the distances at each degree in an array.  Then I want to have my bot scan the area over and over, re-looking that 180 degree arc.  When one of the distances changes, that should trigger the bot to fire a laser at the spot where the "intruder" is.

Navigates around via ultrasound.
Using a
The GDR Mk1 is my first robot.  It operates on the basic concept of the "Let's Get Started" robot here, except I'm using all sorts of different components.  … Read more