Let's Make Robots!
Navigates to Coordinate in order to control territory/enforce my will on the populace
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As it's been some time since the completion of the GDR Mk II, and many parts of the world have not yet fallen under the shadow of my power, I have decided to begin … Read more
Navigates around via ultrasound, moves turret and fires "Death Ray" at targets
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Update 28 NOV 12: - I've fiddled with the targeting code and now have it written correctly so that the GDR will enter "Sentry Mode", will scan 180 degrees using an … Read more
Navigates around via ultrasound.
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The GDR Mk1 is my first robot.  It operates on the basic concept of the "Let's Get Started" robot here, except I'm using all sorts of different components.  … Read more