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making your own wild thumper controller


just curious, has anyone ever tried to make their own motor controller like the wild thumper? with the fuses and everything, using arduino uno? i wanna try my hand at making one from recycled stuff.

Webcam interface with button listener and settings menu

Saw this on my buddy's email. he's a freelance programmer, someone asked him to make this... i think it's an awesome idea. gonna learn to program just to make it (my buddy will charge me an arm and a leg to give me a copy when he's done, and he'll register it as freeware). what do you think?

bi-directional speed controller

Hi all.

I am really new to robotics, and only just recently got my arduino uno. i've played around a bit here and there to learn how to control servo's and such, so i figured it's time for me to build my first robot. but in the design, i've come across a few problems: