Let's Make Robots!

I need internship, plz help

Hi LMR...I have a one month holiday this December, so want to get an internship, or work with/under someone...if u r willing to take me or can help me out then it'll be great. You can see my childhood projects here(LMR) itself...

I am from india and if it would be self funded, then a nearby country like China would be good.

Currently I m a First year BTech student, Electronics and communication engineering, IIT.


Once, while I was learning electronics, some people requested me to write up so that we all can learn together. Better late than never, I'll do it now.

I've recently joined an engineer institute(BTech) after high school and Electrical and Electronics is one of the subjects here. So, i'll post according to my progress.

Hope you like it.

Wireless control-need help

I want to learn how to communicate wirelessly, particularly using WiFi. The aim is to achieve an automatic lighting system(inputs from sensors like ldr, motion sensor) and a robot(input from sensors like android phone's gyroscope). Please help me get through, first step will be to be able to use WiFi.

Robo-War--A call for ideas

We are having a robot war in our engineering institute, IIT Guwahati.

Need some ideas....the task is to push the opponent out of arena or immobilise it for atlest 30 seconds. Current limit-10amps, Weight limit-60kgs.


ROBOCALYPSE: WRECK OR BREAK AIM: The  objective  is to  make  a  wired/wireless,  manually controlled  bot that  can immobilize  the  opponent’s bot in  a  one  on  one  competition.

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