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Low Power / intensity in board CHI035A, PICAXE 18M2 ( SOLVED )


Hello guys, 


So I have this setup:




What is written at the end of the orange lines are the ports of a bluetooth module, and the ports 0 and 2 in the board are the respective input and output non-buffered ports.


Picaxe board CHI035A, and L6 Bluetooth module issues SOLVED


Hey guys, 


I wonder if someone here could enlighten me a little bit with an issue I'm having with a Picaxe project with a CHI035A board wired to a motor,a buzzer, a led and a L6 (or BC4) bluetooth module which I'm trying to control and communicate with an Android cellphone.


 CHI035A -> http://www.picaxe.com/docs/chi035a.pdf

  L6 ->http://www.elechouse.com/elechouse/images/product/Serial%20Port%20Bluetooth%20Module/BC4_Blue2.0.pdf