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Arctic Robot Saga

Hello Lmr,


Hello LMR,   This is my first robot based on the arduino version of SHR (penny). It has as you can see IR sensor to avoid obstacles. The body is made from a … Read more

Arduino Programming problem from a beginner

I am working on my LMR First robot. It is arduino equiped with a motor shield. Two motors, a servo and a IR sensor for object avoidance.


Arduino Librairy Compiling errors

Hello there,


Here is the situation, I have the Newping Librairy correctly added to my librairy folders and Ive been testing the example codes without success. . I cant attach it by importing it from the import librairy function on the sketch. Any help?

Note: I have more detailed information on second post.



Minimum material for First Robot

Hello Folks,

Im considering building first robot and would like to purchase this kit


I see that LMR is using a ''Shield'' over his Arduino or PIC. Whats the purpose of it.

Could I simply be using this yourduino boards with motor and servo and voila? Would I be missing anything without a shield.

I also notice that there seems to be a IC already on the yourduino board, would I need extra IC ?



Bronco Billy