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Arctic Robot Saga

Hello Lmr,


Arduino Programming problem from a beginner

I am working on my LMR First robot. It is arduino equiped with a motor shield. Two motors, a servo and a IR sensor for object avoidance.


Arduino Librairy Compiling errors

Hello there,


Here is the situation, I have the Newping Librairy correctly added to my librairy folders and Ive been testing the example codes without success. . I cant attach it by importing it from the import librairy function on the sketch. Any help?

Note: I have more detailed information on second post.



Minimum material for First Robot

Hello Folks,

Im considering building first robot and would like to purchase this kit


I see that LMR is using a ''Shield'' over his Arduino or PIC. Whats the purpose of it.

Could I simply be using this yourduino boards with motor and servo and voila? Would I be missing anything without a shield.

I also notice that there seems to be a IC already on the yourduino board, would I need extra IC ?



Bronco Billy