Let's Make Robots!
Update: After a long time ,and discarding a few models,I have built my first aircraft. Couldn't resist to share the pics here. Haven't tested it yet though. (Why am … Read more

Durga Puja

This isn't robot related at all. Pardon me if I have chosen the wrong place to post this.

Durga Puja, or the worshipping of Goddess Durga, is the greatest festival of Bengal, the place where I live in. See what Wiki has to say about it here.


This is my one motor walker robot. I thought I should make a water boat. But since the challenge already has such an entry ,I decided to build something new. And … Read more
Navigates Around, behaves as my best buddy!
This is a robot I have built recently. Here are some pics. This is finished DS   Read more


Two days back I got a parcel. It was from Thailand,and to my surprise it contained 5 pcs of TQFP32 to DIP breakout boards. First of all I was confused as Ladvien resides in US and he told me that he might send something.

Thanks a lot ladvien,will post pics soon. This is my first SMD soldering. Have soldered three MCUs on them. I shall be glad if I can be of any help to you. Thanks again.

Long Live LMR   .....................ALABTU !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some Atmega QFN and TQFP chips lying around for quite a long time. I was pretty eager to use them,but there should be some type of QFP to DIP converter for … Read more
Follows light and avoids obstacles
Using a
Oh,I thought a lot for the name of this bot,finally decided to name it CLIMBEX. Climex is a kind of beetle, and since it can climb small obstacles, I gave it this … Read more

The LM-317 Voltage regulator problem

Well, recently I have been attracted to laser diodes. I am trying to make them work. Here is what I learnt-

1. LASER diodes are pretty current hungry,it will eat as much as it gets,since it's internal resistance is pretty low.

2. To make LASER diodes work properly, you need a CONSTANT current source.

3.Red Laser diodes need 3 - 4 volt to run.

4.You can make a Laser driver using LM-317 (it's called DDL)

Mic Preamp + Power Amp problem

Hello everyone,I want to build a system so that when I talk over a tiny electret mic,my voice gets amplified and comes out of a speaker (I dont know what are these systems called , Police use them to alert,announcers use them too). All I've done so far is that I've built an electret mic preamp out of BC xxx transistors,and a 10W power amp out of TDA2003 IC. BOTH are running great individually. But whenever I connect the output of the mic to the power amplifire stage,it doesn't work anymore...And in addition to that there are feedback oscillations too.