Let's Make Robots!
Drives, Unfolds, Drives, Inches, Looks Cute
All right, my robot is complete! It is an omni-directional robot that is also capable of inchworm-like movement. It is made from cardboard, dowel rods, and … Read more
Pushes another robot out of a ring
My first Sumo robot! A somewhat last minute build so I could compete at the National Robotics Challenge as a College Freshman. I am too old to do the tactile maze … Read more

Arduino Servo Library Help: 180 servo getting 140 degree movement only?

I am using 313wp servos right now. However, I can only write them 20 to 160 degrees. What do I need to change in the library? Min and max pulse widths? And how much should I change?


Mini Sumo Motors

What would be good high torque dc motors for a sumo robot in the 20x20cm size range? I found a few (and had a few unconventional ideas such as using 2 chordless dremels to drive wheels) but would like some more ideas. Thanks!

Ps- Wheel ideas are welcome too, but I think I will buy them from Robot Marketplace

Considering Buying a Makibox...

I'm ready to take my builds beyond the scrap level. I have been noticing that I have good ideas, but have a hard time building my ideas from lack of materials, tools, funds, etc. Now that I am in college I think its time for me to start investing more time and money into my builds (without going overboard or breaking the bank). One thing that came to mind was a 3d printer: would this be a good investment for me at this time?

I heard that Kariloy had a Makibox: is this a good printer? Does anyone else have one? If so, would you reccomend it?

Dagu Mini Driver: What driver do I use?

So, just plugged in my mini driver! Blue light flashes and red one stays solid, but I cannot seem to get it to work because...

I am unable to install the right driver on my device right now (COM9). Nor will the Arduino IDE recognize COM9. I point the computer to the right folders, and it does not recognize any drivers. I do it myself and am unable to install any driver (Bossa Program Port or otherwise). I have tried with the mini driver being off and on, neither works. I am running windows 7.

What am I doing wrong?

Mini-Smoke Maker

Any ideas how to have a smaller robot make smoke (safely)? I was thinking either a mini-fog maker or dry ice/water being kept in a tube and then opening that when it's needed.

Hopefully Walk/Roll, Hybrid Tire?
Just posting what I have done thus far. When I posted Decascrap a while back, I stated that I had a different idea to begin with. Well, here is the start of it! My … Read more

Powering Dagu mini-driver and micro-magician with one battery

Could I power both off of one rechargable battery such as this? If not, what would you reccomend for me to get both good power and endurance? I am hoping to use just one rechargable battery, but if it is not possible im open to ideas.

Wish to kit my project. Where to start?

Each individual robot cost me around 1/3 of the proce of a boe-bot (including the shield from fritzing): http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36080 Not to mention it outperformed many kits early this year =)

I would like to kit it. Instead of hot-glue, I plan on adding holes for screws. I would also like to add a mount for an ultrasonic sensor. That and I would like to have the shield come pre-assembled.