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Bluetooth controlling robot with ultrasonic sensors. Measuring distance between 35 and 200cm and displaying on 2 seven-segment displays. Sound indication from 2 … Read more

My first robot :)

Bluetooth controlling robot from laptop or mobile and self controlling with ultrasonic sensors. 2 seven-segment displays for visual indication of the distance (0.35 - 2 meters) and 2 buzzers for sound indication when the robot is on 35cm distance from an object.

Ultrasonic camera

Hi Does anyone have experience with ultrasonography? I am taking data in meters(0.30-2) from two ultrasonic channels with microcontroller. Can I use this for making live video and how?

Controlling DC motors


I drive  2 dc motors by using command letters (8-forward, 2-backward, 4-left, 6-right) with Hyper Terminal and i have one problem with this.When i holding for example button "8" for a long time after i release the button  motors still drive for a while and then stop. I am using UART module at LPC2138 if someone has experience with this and want to help pls give me advice to reduce the delay.




I am using bluetooth device RN-41 and i want to pair my PC with it so i power   up the device and search for bluetooth device, i found and it wanted pass key, i wrote 1234(default key) and  it wont connect. Can someone pls help me i am using Windows XP and i have installed extern bluetooth usb.