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Wild Thumper gear Motor Stall

I have a question about expected torque from my Wild Thumper motors (34:1 gear ratio motors) powered with a 7.4v 40C battery using the Wild Thumper Controller.  My question is this, if i put the truck up on a stand, and give full forward power on the controller, the wheels over course start to turn.  But my concern is, that when I grab one of the wheels, i can keep it from moving without very much effect, effectively stalling that motor so long as i hold it while the others turn.

Wild thumper 6wd with WTC

Ok so two questions today. I built my 6wd wild thumper with the wild thumper controller. Controlling it via rc tx futaba 7c 2.4ghz. It drives pretty great but it drifts a bit to the right when I push forward on the stick. When I have the WT up on my stand and I very slowly move my stick forward to the point of first wheel movement, the left wheels begin turning before the right. Does anyone know and troubleshooting steps I could follow to remedy this?

Wild Thumper Controller Code Mod to Disable charger for LIPO

Hello All, 

This may be a pretty basic question, but I was going to run my Wild Thumper Controller I just recently got with a LIPO battery and wanted to uncomment out the code relating to the battery charger.  I want to make sure I do this correctly and am not missing anything so I wanted to check here first.