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a very basic obstacle detection/avoidance robot
Using a
hi, this is my 1st robot, a very basic obstacle detection/avoidance robot.                       UPDATE 12/06/2013: Read more

question about batteries "current draw"


sorry if this is a noob question :D

suppose that i have 2x AA batteries "1000 mAh each one", can i attach to them a component that draws 1500 mA, or i am limited to 1000 mA, i mean am i limited to the current that one battery can provide "1000 mAh" or to the sum of the current of all batteries "2000 mAh"?

Any explanation for this "weird" thing?!




long time ago when i started learning electronics and while i was playing with microcontroller programming, i found out this strange behavior, i do not remember what exactly i was trying to do :D, anyway, i waill be glad if someone explains what is going on.

as you can see when i get my hand close to PORTB.3, the led switches on "see the code below".



*this works only if you are using DC power supply.

*this will not work if your home suffers from power outage!!!


Antika - my little robot "a BoeBot-like robot"


i just finished my first robot and wanted to share the result with you :)

i would like to thank the author of this topic, his topic helped me a lot to chose the proper batteries :)



- 1x PIC 16F628A microcontroller

- 1x ping ultrasonic sensor

- 1x standard servo motor for the sensor

- 2x continuous servo motors

- 3x 330 ohm resistors for the signal wire of the servos

- 1x breadboard

- 1x buzzer

- 2x LEDs "red + blue"