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Small sized brain which runs on DC for a 2WD robotic platform?


I'm looking for a small sized motherboard/Computer which I can use for a (4WD *edit ) 2WD robotic project.Requirement are as below

1. Must run on DC without major modificatons or power converters

2. Dual core if possible with RAM slots.

3. low power consumption(so that I can save weight on the battery)

4. Run Linux distribution and communicate with Arduino.

5 .Small and light weight so I can keep Robot to a smaller size

6. Few USB slots, WIFI if possible , nothing fancy

Question about L298N on a Arduino powered Bigtrak


I'm in the middle of my first project , This is my setup

1. Bigtrak Jr (PCB removed , using 2 motors ,2 encorders and the chasis)

2. Arduino Uno R3

3. Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module L298N for arduino


I  need to turn the vehicle by rotating wheels on opposite directions . I modified the blink code , and surprisingly  works!

Rover 5 2WD with Explorer PCB ... Which Arduino should I use?

Hi all,

Building my first robot here .

I have narrowed down my search in to these

1.Rover 5 2WD

2.Degu Explorer PCB

Not sure which Arduino board to go with , I have hopes of attaching a IR Compound Eye and a spycam later .

Can I do this with Arduino UNO? or should I go for Spider board?

Apart from that what else should I buy to get me going?

Thanks in advance