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Usb to serial converter for pic programming

Hi.I have a pic programmer (pic 16f877a) with rs232 adaptor.I program the pic with the serial port of my pc

and i want to make it usb  but still programming it with serial way with low voltage programming (no bootloader)

so i will connect the usb port to my pc and the output rs232 with the rs232 of my pic programmer.

I think i need a usb to serial converter chip like FT232xx and a hex schmitt trigger inverter to be able to send hex

files to pic.

I have found some schematics but most of them are not for programming and i am a little confused.

Fastest Motor - Stepper vs DC

Hi all.I am building a drum machine for a university project and i need some help.

I am currently controlling a 9v stepper motor with 4 wires(Bipolar) with pic 16f877a, programming with micro c.

The speed i have reached it's not very fast between the bits (Forward and Backward movement and again)                                     so it's a little slow playing with the stick.