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New tutorial on how to make an Arduino robot

I posted this on the Facebook page, but thought I'd post it here as well.

I just finished writing an in-depth tutorial on how to make an Arduino-based robot. It's targeted towards beginners and should help someone completely new to robotics to build their first robot, but anyone making a robot with an Arduino will find it useful. Here's picture of the robot I make in the tutorial:

Making a basic Arduino robot tutorial

I'm working on putting together an inexpensive kit to help students build a basic Arduino robot (more on that here) and have been working on a tutorial: how to make an Arduino robot. It's a work in progress, but I was hoping to get feedback on the tutorial and see what you guys think. Any suggestions?

Help me design a starter robotics kit!

I'm planning on putting together an Arduino-based robotics kit and would like your input as to what should go in it. The kit should contain everything a student or hobbyist needs to make a basic robot. So far I've tentatively come up with the following:

1 x Arduino Compatible UNO R3
1 x 3ft USB cable
2 x SpringRC SM-S4303R Continuous Rotation Servo
1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
1 x 4-Pin Male to Female Cable
1 x Small Solderless Breadboard (400 contacts)
1 x Breadboard Jumper Wire Bundle (70-pack)
1 x 4" Black Nylon Zip-Ties