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Effect of timers on PWM

All the pwm-pins on my Uno are occupied and I would like to use timer 1 or 2 to set up a timer interrupt to resolve some timing issues. I have learned that using timers cause losing pwm-pins, since the timers are also used for generating pwm-signals by the analogWrite function.

More powerful motors @ Rover 5 ?!

My Rover 5 has become quite heavy (2.5 kg), and the engines are not powerful enough to run it smoothly. I would like replace the motors for somewhat stronger motors. Does anyone have experience with it? Will this goes well with the encoders and the gearbox? Or is it better to switch to a different chasis? And if yes, what would you recommend me?

Dual MC33926 motor driver - control pins

I am looking into the “Dual MC33926 motor driver carrier” and have a question about the control pins  (D1, D2, IN1 and IN2).

Avrdude error @ Dagu Mini Driver

I am not able to upload a sketch to Dagu Mini Driver and get the error message avrdude:
verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000 0x3f = 0x41.

Autonomous navigation strategy: how to move forward from basic to advanced?

Last week my Rover 5 completed his first tour in our living room avoiding obstacles / no bumping ;-).

The Rover has the following sensors / inputs:

Rover 5: how to determine direction with a compass (LSM303)

I recently bought a Rover 5 and an Arduino Uno and made my first sketches. My goal is to let the Rover drive standalone in our livingroom, avoiding objects, childrens and pets ;-).