Let's Make Robots!
This Is Clamps, one of my new projects. Clamps is made of mostly Actobotics parts. Read more

Little Back PI wagon reborn!

Well after a few starts, stops and redo's on the chassis, I have a new iteration of my Pi wagon. I have skipped publishing anything about the last two of three :)

Ready for the Zombie robot (or processes) Apocalypses

Had several laptop battery packs with 18650 in them. Opened the first two up and found 2.2mah Samsung and Sanyos. I have two more to open.  I'm sure the older one has lower rated batteries in it, but the other should be about the same as these. I plan to make one more 7.4v pack and one 11.1v and leave the rest for 18650 holders I have.

Line follower using three line sensors with a Dagu Micro Magician on an Actobotics Runt Rover Sprout chassis. Uses 6v NiMNH battery pack
Next to obstacle avoiding robots, the most common beginner bot would be a line follower. I myself love line followers, and they are some of my favorite weekend … Read more
Bumble around with an ESP8266 only driven bot
Well I had a chassis for it, and wanted to make my little ESP8266/NodMCU only bot real, so I am mounting it on a Actobotics Runt Rover Peewee chassis. Read more

Lazy Sunday afternoon...

I had ordered a few things from ServoCity and was mucking around with them today and made this:

I new bot chassis to play with. "Clamps"!

I After seeing the new Actobotics runt rovers and getting my hands on one, I find that I like them a lot for a quick inexpensive chassis.  Anyway, I have always loved boxy cars and was a Volvo owner for a long time. I had to have this one (Half Pint) since it's so, you know boxy! :)  Thinking of putting a gripper and a cam on it. Lot of room in the box!


There are many ways to build a robot, from scratch a kit, a prebuilt system or combination of any of these methods. The path we will take here will be mostly from a … Read more

ESP8266 running NodeMCU as a controller

Every since the ESP8266 modules were released, I have wanted to try one.  I ordered a few once they came out last year, but did not get to try them out until this year. After trying one module that seemed to work but never could be connected to, I tried another and was finally able to get one to work. The only test I actually did with it was to grab a webpage, basically a curl call. That was earlier in the year and had done nothing else since with them.

NodeMCU ESP8266 simple httpd (web server) example

I want to add a simple webserver to my NodeMCU bot, and...

<begin old man grump>