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Mini review of the Actobotics runt rover Sprout robot chassis

Over the past week I have had the chance to play with the Actobotics runt rover Sprout. I posted an unboxing of this bot last week.

My next mini project - Self balancing bot

Almost done with my boom/gripper build and wanted to make another quick bot (well quick to build) Going to do a self balancer. Need to find an IMU or accelerometer, I have some somewhere in a box....  Only found a compass and just mounted it to look for a good place. May place it lower and the battery higher.  Going to make a tuning python GUI to set the balance variables via bluetooth.

Playing around a some with Actobotics bits-n-bobs - Mobile boom and claw

Playing around a some with Actobotics bits-n-bobs last night and tonight a bit.  Marked-up a claw and boom bot with some parts.  Not sure if this will be the final design, but it works ok this way just moving the arm up an down. I may make or buy a gear box for it, unsure now as of yet. I may even use a tentioning spring. Just something to do to pass the time! :)

The Actobotics Warden

I have been sent a chassis to do a review on and will post one in the next few weeks. It comes from Robotzone/ServoCity and is called the Warden.

Wifi/Web controlled rover

I consolidated all of my Wifi/Web rover playing onto another chassis. I have the code mostly prettied up and should port easily to any Linux SBC. The code started on a Yun, touched-up and re-tooled on a PCDuino, then finally at home on an RPI!

I may post this bot here on LMR, but figured if anyone wanted to look at the code etc, they could.

Here is it on Instructables.

Gooseneck chassis wired for webing:

Motor ramping up and down

As of late, I had added some ramping to my motor driving code. I started with just ramping up but have added ramping down to stop as well now. Most hi-end motor controllers like the Sabertooth and RoboClaw do this for you, but it's nice to have on cheaper controllers to.

This Is Clamps, one of my new projects. Clamps is made of mostly Actobotics parts. Read more

Little Back PI wagon reborn!

Well after a few starts, stops and redo's on the chassis, I have a new iteration of my Pi wagon. I have skipped publishing anything about the last two of three :)

Ready for the Zombie robot (or processes) Apocalypses

Had several laptop battery packs with 18650 in them. Opened the first two up and found 2.2mah Samsung and Sanyos. I have two more to open.  I'm sure the older one has lower rated batteries in it, but the other should be about the same as these. I plan to make one more 7.4v pack and one 11.1v and leave the rest for 18650 holders I have.

Line follower using three line sensors with a Dagu Micro Magician on an Actobotics Runt Rover Sprout chassis. Uses 6v NiMNH battery pack
Next to obstacle avoiding robots, the most common beginner bot would be a line follower. I myself love line followers, and they are some of my favorite weekend … Read more